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Ancient African Tribes in Southern Ethiopia & KenyaA member of th Mursi tribe with an AK 47

The Ancient African Tribes that live in the Lower Omo Valley and around Lake Turkana are believed to be the most unusual tribal people in the world.  They have become famous for their heritage and diversity.  They have practiced some of the same traditions that their ancestors did centuries ago living in the same remote area.  Most tribes now carry rifle's (AK47's) to hunt or protect themselves.

Listed below is some of the tribes you will find living along the Omo River and Lake Turkana.  These tribes are spread out in the Great Rift Valley reaching the southern end of Ethiopia and the northern part of Kenya.

Arbore (Erbore or Irbore)




Bumi or Bume (also known as Nyangatom)A woman of the Mursi tribe

Daasanech (also known as Galeb or Geleb)


Hamar, Hamer or Hammer

Kara or Karo


Kwegu or Muguji

Mursi or Murzu

Suri or Surma